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At InterEd, we've designed our curriculum to take the guesswork and hassle out of planning. Our comprehensive curriculum contains a digital collection of tools and resources - everything you need to get started in one convenient place.

Access our curriculum anywhere.

All of the resources you need.

Organized Unit Covers

Stay organized and get a quick look at each of our units.

Unit Progression Map

Understand our instructional framework and know where your students are in the learning progression.

Detailed Unit Overviews

Get a quick understanding of each lesson within a unit with a detailed overview.

Detailed Lesson Plans

Step-by-step lesson plans to help you feel confident in providing your students the best experience possible.

Presentation Slides

We've done the heavy lifting for you. Every lesson has ready to use presentation slides to use with your class.

Embedded Media

Because teachers don't have time to access multiple places for resources.

And more!

Assignments & Graphic Organizers

Performance Assessment Rubrics

Detailed Curriculum Map

Standards Breakdown

Instructional Strategies Guide

Online class management

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